[A4VXIS18] Polysemy and synonymy in sporting language terminology

VARGA Mihaela[1]

[1] Assistant Professor PhD, Politehnica University Timișoara, e-mail: mihaela.varga@yahoo.com 


Polysemy is a rather complex and productive phenomenon in sporting language terminology. It is proof of the unlimited and varied possibilities that the Romanian language has to enrich itself from a lexical point of view. Enriching a Romanian word with a new meaning is possible by borrowing a term from another language, a term that has another meaning except for the one corresponding to the Romanian word.

Perfect synonymy in sporting language is generated by the influences of other foreign languages, by paraphrasing borrowed words, or by the attempt to create a genuine new word with a recent neologism. In sporting language, synonymy is the result of trying to replace a neologism with a word from common language.

Key words: polysemy, synonymy, terminology, sporting 

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