[A3VXIS18] Study on free throws in the romanian men’s national league of basketball


[1]Lecturer PhD,  ”Politehnica” University Timișoara, Romania, e-mail: dan.ionescu@upt.ro


The increasingly frequent use of computers in analyzing the game of basketball, offers the advantage of a fast analysis of a player’s or a team’s performance, one free of mathematical errors. The following study focuses on analyzing the free throws in the Men’s National League of Basketball, emphasizing those features that can make the difference between the champion team and the other participants.Thus, starting from the hypothesis that the team on the first place must be the team with the lowest average of the free throws of the visiting teams, this study would like to point out the number of free throws that were given to the host teams and to the guest teams. Other aspects that have been analyzed in this paper include the percentage of scored points in free throws, the percentage of free throws for teams participating in the LNBM (Men’s National Basketball League) and the teams that have benefited from the most free throws, so that the data obtained can provide coaches with a series of useful information for future preparation.

Key words: basketball, free throw, free throw percentage. 

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