[A1VXIS18] The effects of a 12-week different exercise programmes on physical anxiety and some physical parameters of women with osteoporosis

KORKMAZ Nimet[1],  ARABACI Ramiz[2], TOPSAÇ Mine[3]

[1] Associated Professor, Uludag University, Physical Education and Sport Department, e-mail: nhasil@uludag.edu.tr

[2] Professor, Uludag University, Physical Education and Sport Department

[3] Instructor, Uludag University, Physical Education and Sport Department



Study aim: The aim of this study was to determine the effects of 12 weeks of Pilates, coordination and strength exercise on the osteoporosis patient’s social physical anxiety and physical parameters. Methods: Three groups of patients practiced 12 weeks of exercises, 3 day/week, 60 minutes/day. Each group performed a different set of exercises. Those are Pilates, coordination and strength exercise. For each group before and after program the social physical anxiety index and physical parameters were measured. Results: The paired sample T test shows that the Pilates and Coordination group has significant improvement regarding the participants’ social physical anxiety. On the other hand the strength exercises have a bigger impact on the physical parameters of the patients. Conclusion: The exercise programs improve the physical fitness capacity of the female patients with osteoporosis. Social physical anxiety decreases with increasing self-confidence, as patients feel their body muscles have become stronger.

Key words: social physical anxiety, osteoporosis, exercise, Pilates


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