[A8V8IS15] The rehabilitation management after hip arthroplasty: a case report


[1] PhD student, ‘Victor Babes’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, email: burchici.adina@yahoo.com


Aim: In this paper we describe the physical therapy management of a 64-year-old female following a bilateral hip arthroplasty.  Method: The patient featured in this study, after the surgical intervention had undergone specific recovery treatment consisting of: posture techniques, static (isometric contractions) and dynamic kinetic techniques (passive motion, passive-actives, actives, actives with resistance), massage, respiratory gymnastics and reeducation of walking. Results: At the end of the rehabilitation program, hip muscular strength and joint range of motion were improved significantly. The Harris hip score was significantly improved, in comparison to the preoperative one. Conclusion: This case illustrates the importance of the rehabilitation management after  bilateral hip replacement.

Key words: kinetic therapy, hip prosthetics, rehabilitation techniques