[A6V5IS10] Aspects Regardingthe Beneficial Effectof Reflexology in Low Back Pain

Şerban GLIGOR(1), Silviu ISTRATE(2)
 MD, Lecturer, PhD, Physical Education and Sport Faculty, West University of Timişoara
 Physiotherapist, reflexologist, Hunedoara


Reflexology is based on the digital pressure on certain reflex points situated on the sole of the foot, which represents a “map” of the entire body. The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of reflexology in low back pain treatment. To accomplish the objectives of this paper, a lot of 12 patients, of both genders, with low back pain, was formed. Out of these patients, 66.67% were male and 33.33% were female, the majority coming from an urban area (75%). The average age ± the standard deviation of the patients was 43.58±13.02 years. The group of patients was subdivided into an experimental group, composed of 7 patients (58.33%), who, besides the classic drug treatment, also underwent reflexology, and a control group, composed of 5 patients (41.67%), who underwent only drug treatment. The treatment linked to reflexology was conducted by a single practitioner of reflexology, usingthe Morrell technique. Both in the case of the experimental group and in the control one there was a statistically significant reduction in finger to ground index (p < 0.01, respectively p< 0.05). Also, there was a highly statistically significant reduction of pain (p<0.01). Due to the small number of patients involved in the study, the data obtained cannot be generalised, as further studies are required to highlight the beneficial effect of reflexology in the case of low back.

Key words: reflexology, low back pain, finger to ground Index

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