[A8V9IS16] Sports perception in young people Survey in the Italian primary school and comparison with the Maltese school

Riccardo IZZO[1],  Filippo GOMEZ PALOMA [2], Diana SERENA [3], Gaetano RAIOLA[4]

[1] Professor, Health and Sport Science School, Urbino, Italy, e-mail: riccardo.izzo@uniurb.it

[2] Professor, Salerno University, Italy

[3] Graduate, Sport Science Faculty, Urbino, Italy

[4] Contract Professor, Basilicata University, Italy


Here below are the results of a comparative study on the perception of the sports practice in primary school by focusing on the possible differences between genders and classes, and assessing the difference of the sociologic aspects and the media.

Studying, assessing and analyzing the issues related to physical activities offered to children of school age allows a deeper knowledge of the current psycho-physical condition of the child.

It’s also important to know the cultural and social phenomena concerning young people which always represent, for better or for worse, the time they live in.

Key words: sport, physical activity, children,



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