[A4V9IS17] Study regarding team statistics at the last three men’s basketball World Championship

Adrian Gheorghe PETREANU[1], Manuela PETREANU[2]

[1] Assistant professor, PhD, Physical Education and Sports Discipline, University Of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila”Bucharest,

email: adrian.petreanu@yahoo.com

2Assistant professor PhD, Physical Education and Sports Discipline, University Of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila”Bucharest


Achieving superior performance parameters in major competitions has highlighted a number of issues that characterize the current basketball game practiced by the best teams in the world. Depending on the height, role, importance and the effectiveness of players on their positions, specific models are to be observed in the case of senior teams [1].

In this paper we present a comparative study regarding the parameters’ models in the men’s basketball games during the World Championships in Japan – 2006, in Turkey – 2010 and in Spain – 2014. Along with data interpretation, we tried to effectively bring our scientific contribution in shaping a model significant for the international basketball games, useful for the specialists in the field. Centralization of the statistical data used in our study was useful in calculating the averages for each game parameter and the increasing value for each tournament, managing to achieve a precise statistical comparison. The values encountered in this comparative research showed growth or regression trends for the game parameters.

In conclusion, trends of progress or regress, referring to the statistical model parameters involved in the game, pragmatically showed, that in the game of basketball – training is the key to success.

Key words: Basketball, Team, Statistics, Comparison 


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