[A5V4IS8] The Importance of the 6 Minute Walk test in the assessment of Romanian teenagers with cystic fibrosis

Ornela O. Cluci(1), Bogdan Almăjan-Guţă(2), Claudiu Avram(3), Alexandra M. Rusu(4)
1 Physical therapist, PhD student, "Victor Babes" Medicine and Pharmacy University of Timişoara
2 Lecturer PhD, "Politehnica" University of Timişoara, Physical Education and Sport Department,
3 Lecturer PhD, West University of Timişoara, Physical Education and Sport Faculty
4 Physical therapist, PhD student, "Victor Babes" Medicine and Pharmacy University of Timişoara


Introduction: The measurement of lung function is the central part of the patients with cystic fibrosis assessment but we consider that exercise testing become an important tool in the continuous evaluation which is an indicative of prognosis and funcţional capacity and care of these patients. The 6 minute walk test is used to assess the individual’s response to exercise. The aim of the study is to design an exercise training program, based on 6 minute walk test and to evaluate the effects of this complex protocol including incentive therapy, individualized supervised training program: swimming, trampoline, walking, jogging, aerobic gymnastic, cycling 3 times per week and airway clearance techniques. Materia! and method: We conducted a 6-month study, on 20 patients from the Romanian National Cystic Fibrosis Center, aged between 12 and 18. The inclusion criteria were: FEV1 or FVC lower than 60% of predicted, Sp02 lower than 94% at rest. Results and discussions: The iniţial assessment showed limitations of exercise due to poor skeletal muscle mass, pulmonary status and respiratory muscle strength. After combining airway clearance techniques, incentive therapy and individualized physical training, we observed improvements regarding pulmonary function, ease of breathing and significant increased of fitness (6 minutes walking distance increased from 518.2±108.9 meters to 604.9±68 meters). A positive correlation was observed between skeletal muscle mass and distance achieved to 6 minute walk test, at the end of the study. Conclusion: The proposed rehabilitation protocol of young cystic fibrosis patients is efficient and creates pleasure and joy during physiotherapy which enhanced the patient’s adherence to the program.

Key words: 6 minute walk test, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary function, individualized supervised training program

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