Peer-review Process

Manuscripts will be received at the contact e-mail adress, after using the Timişoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal´s template, as a Word attachment by e-mail.
(Contact e-mail adress:

Each article will receive an identification number that will be used during the entire evaluation process, providing thus the impartiality of the peer-review process.
The peer-review process practiced by Timişoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal will be accomplished by the members of the Editorial Board and the selected peer reviewers according to the scientific field of the submitted article.

Each article will be reviewed in maximum 30 days. The corresponding author of the submitted article will receive an evaluation of his article and that could be:
·    Accepted for publication
·    Accepted for publication with minor revision
·    Accepted for publication with major revision
·    Rejected.

1. For authors:
·    send the articles according to the “Instructions for authors”
·    attach a letter of motivation, attesting that the article hasn’t been simultaneously sent to any other publication and that it hasn’t been published in any other publication in a substantial similar form.

After receiving an article for publication, the editorial board revises the article in regard to:
1.    thematic integration of the articles in the journal´s profile;
2.    following the instructions for authors;
3.    clarity, concision and accuracy of the article´s text.

If the article comply with this two requirements, it will be sent further to the next level –  the editorial board establishes 2 peer reviewers to whom the article is to be sent in order to check the article compliance with the following evaluation criteria:
1.    Quality of the scientific content;
2.    Originality and innovation of the proposed theme;
3.    Study relevance regarding the research activity in the academic field and the impact on the fields of activity the article is making reference to;
4.    Accuracy in using the investigation and statistics methods;
5.    Lack of errors, wrong concepts and ambiguities;
6.    Relevance of the references sources.
The texts are evaluated by the 2 peer reviewers, independently, and without knowing the authors’ names and institutional affiliation.

2. Reviewers will send back to the editorial board the article with their evaluation´s result and with the potential observations regarding the changes that have to be made by the authors. The editorial board sends the peer reviewers’ observations to the authors. Author’s response to peer reviewers’ observations should be completed in 30 days and will include a document that itemizes their response to each of the suggested revisions and any other changes they have made.
The peer-review process will be repeated until a final resolution of the editorial board, in which the authors will be informed whether their articles are accepted or rejected for publication.

By applying this double-blind peer-review process, we intend to elaborate high scientific quality journal, accomplished with much respect towards its purposes.

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